Menssana Systems: Breath collection apparatus

The BCA 5.0 is the latest version of the most advanced instrument available for the collection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in human breath. Breath samples collected with the BCA 5.0 can be analyzed by gas chromatography for the detection of VOCs present in picomolar (10-12 mol/l) concentrations.

In practice, a person breathes quietly in and out through a disposable mouthpiece for two minutes while wearing a nose clip. Two separate sorbent traps capture samples of alveolar breath and room air. A sample of normal human breath collected with the BCA 5.0 generally yields around 200 different VOCs.

The BCA 5.0 has electronic flow controls that ensure improved accuracy of breath and air sampling. A digital display panel guides the user through the collection process, step by step (see details in the BCA User's Guide).