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Breath collections anywhere, any time, by anyone

Collecting a breath sample is really simple ‐ all you have to do is blow up a balloon. The problem is that the collected breath in an inflated balloon is useless for detecting biomarkers of diseases like breast cancer or lung cancer.

Cancer biomarkers are exhaled in very low concentrations, usually parts per billion, and they are completely drowned out by the high background VOC contamination from adhesives and plasticizers in balloons that are introduced during manufacture.

That ’s why, in the past, biomarkers could only be detected in breath samples collected with specialized instruments like BreathLink and the Breath Collection Apparatus (BCA).

This has now changed with the invention of the BreathBagTM (pat app). BreathBag is an ultra-clean collection balloon that uses a chemical strip to remove background volatile contaminants and reduce them to concentrations lower than most exhaled breath biomarkers.

The breath donor removes the chemical strip and then inflates the BreathBag through a drinking straw with a single forced expiration to ensure that the breath sample comes from deep in the lungs. The neck of the BreathBag is sealed with a knot, and it is shipped to a lab for analysis of biomarkers.

Anybody can now collect a high-quality breath sample, anywhere, and at any time.

Coming Soon: BreathBag tests for

  • Breast cancer risk
  • Oxidative stress biomarkers
  • BTEX exposure
  • Lung cancer risk
  • Infectious diseases - tuberculosis.

Point of care breath test for breath bag in development
Point of care breath test for breath bag in development