Menssana Research News Archive


Owlstone Medical collaboration with AstraZeneca illustrates applications of breath biopsy kit
MedCityNews, 10 April 2018 (Stephanie Baum)

9 Companies Pioneering Breath Diagnostics
Nanalyze, 23 March 2018


3D Mammograms and Breath Test Represent Advances in Breast Cancer Detection Technology
AJMC, 05 November 2017 (Alison Rodriguez)

A Breath Test for Breast Cancer?
Keck School of Medicine of USC, 11 July 2017 (Mary Dacuma)

New Clinical Trial to Test Effectiveness of BreathLink for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
AJMC, 07 July 2017 (Alison Rodriguez)

On The Horizon: The cancer breath test
CBS Sunday Morning, 12 March 2017 (Susan Spencer)


Montclair hospital tapped as site for cancer study
The Montclair Times, 26 April 2016 (Nicholas Katzban)

Menssana Research Wins NIH Award for Rapid Point-of-Care Breath Test for Breast Cancer
11 Apr 2016 (press release)


Breast cancer soon detectable without mammography? (video segment in Dutch only)
TV Limburg, 15 Sep 2014

Limburg hospital studies breath test to detect breast cancer, 15 Sep 2014

Genk: New breath test detects cancer, 14 Sep 2014

Think Pink finances research (video segment in Dutch only)
VTM News, 13 Sep 2014

Breath quickly replacing mammography? (video segment in Dutch only)
VTM News, 13 Sep 2014
[Note: some viewers may find images objectionable]

Breath test reduces unnecessary mammograms
13 Sep 2014 (press release)

NYU Langone Medical Center to Lead Research to Develop Breath Test for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
25 Aug 2014 (press release)

Rep. Pascrell Announces $223,029 HHS Grant to Fort Lee-based Menssana Research
12 Aug 2014 (press release)

(Facebook) The GREAT Tech Awards 2014 Regional Roadshow
British Consulate-General - New York, posted to Facebook 23 July 2014

(PDF Document) Something in the air: detecting sickness on our breath
Wired, May 2014 (Peter Andrey Smith)

(Video) Atemtest zur Brustkrebs-Diagnose [Breath test for breast cancer diagnosis]
WDR (West Deutsche Rundfunk), 10 May 2014

Cancer du sein : fini la mammographie, voici BreathLink, le test du souffle [Breast cancer: goodbye mammography, here comes BreathLink, the breath test]
Allo Med'Actu, 13 Mar 2014 (Clementine Bill�)
[Note: some viewers may find images objectionable]

Sniffing out cancer with electronic noses
BBC News Magazine, 8 Mar 2014 (William Kremer)

Breath test for breast cancer could help end X-ray screening
The Times, 7 Mar 2014 (Chris Smyth)

A 6-minute breathalyzer for breast cancer
MassDevice, 6 Mar 2014 (Arezu Sarvestani)

Ten-minute breath test that can detect breast cancer: New kit is as accurate as X-rays and reduces need for mammograms
Daily Mail, 6 Mar 2014 (Fiona MacRae)

New breath test for breast cancer in just six minutes
05 Mar 2014 (press release, U.S.)

New breath test for breast cancer
05 Mar 2014 (press release, E.U.)


Waiting to exhale
ScienceNews, 01 Nov 2013 (Laura Beil)

(PDF Document) The Nanonose: how body odours contain clues about your health
Wired UK, 04 Nov 2013 (Madhumita Venkataramanan)

Breath Tests: In One Breath
Proto Magazine, Summer 2013 (Anita Slomski)


Borstkanker opsporen met ademanalyse [Breast cancer detection with breathalyser]
FMT Magazine, 28 Aug 2012 (press release by University Hospital Maastricht/Maastricht UMC and Maastro Clinic)

Soon, breath test to tell tuberculosis in just 6 minutes
The Times of India, 3 Jun 2012 (Malathy Iyer)

(PDF Document) Menssana Research Develops Rapid Point-of-Care Breath Test for Pulmonary Tuberculosis
30 May 2012 (press release), link to original publication (PDF Document)

Grant Awarded by NIH
Grant Number: 5 R44 HL059715-06
CFDA: 93.837
OC: 414E
Award Issue Date: 05/29/2012
Amount: $985,147

Generous donation from Cathy's Spirit Foundation
18 May 2012
Cathy's Spirit Foundation generously donated $3,000 to Menssana Research for further development of our breath test for lung cancer. This donation will help support our lung cancer feasibility trial at New York University and Maastricht University using our point-of-care BreathLinkTM system. We sincerely thank Robyn St. Hilaire and everybody else at Cathy's Spirit, and we are honored to be a part of keeping her mother's memory alive by developing an early-screening breath test for lung cancer.


The Roadblock May Not Be the FDA After All
DeviceTalk, Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, UBM Canon, 16 Dec 2011 (Richard Nass)

(PDF Document) Beyond the Breathalyzer: Seeking Telltale Signs of Disease
The New York Times, 3 Jul 2011 (Anne Eisenberg)

Beyond Breathalyzers; What Clinical Niche Will Breath Tests Fill?
Clinical Laboratory News, American Association for Clinical Chemistry, vol. 37, no. 5, May 2011 (Genna Rollins)


(PDF Document) Menssana Research Inc. Receives a $4.2 Million BARDA Contract to Develop a Breathalyzer Test for Radiation Exposure
Sep. 7, 2010 (Press release)

Breath tests find breast-cancer biomarkers
medicalphysicsweb, 25 Mar 2010 (Tami Freeman)

(PDF Document) Breath test may detect pulmonary tuberculosis
Medical Device Daily, 25 Feb 2010 (Amanda Pedersen)


FDA, regarding Heart Transplant Rejection (H030004)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 29 Jun 2009

Breath odor diagnosis and care in dental offices
Chicago Dental Society, 22 May 2009 (Janyce Hamilton)

Health Care in a Huff: Breath Tests for Diseases
Scientific American, 2 Mar 2009 (Coco Ballantyne)

zNose from Electronic Sensor Technology Provides Early Detection
AZoNano, 12 Feb 2009

Dr Michael Phillips Breath test talk at Pittcon 2009 Chicago, March 10
Bloodborne Body Odor and Halitosis, 09 Jan 2009


Breath Test for Detecting Lung Cancer Under Study, Looking Promising
Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE), 17 Aug 2008

Breath Test for Early Detection of Lung Cancer, 16 Jun 2008

Menssana Research Takes Your Breath Away
Biotech Mashup, 07 Mar 2008 (Jarrod Wendell Provins)

15 Companies That Could Change Medicine
Biotech Mashup, 05 Mar 2008 (Jarrod Wendell Provins & Jeff Mandell)


Cancer breathalyser trial begins
National Nine News / MSN, 13 Nov 2007

ABC Radio Australia, 02 Sep 2007

(PDF Document) Horizon Scanning Technology Summary: Lungscreen for lung cancer detection in high-risk patients.
National Horizon Scanning Centre, The University of Birmingham, England, Apr 2007

(.JPG Image) News & Trends/Cutting Edge: Breast Cancer Breath Check
Prevention, p. 3, Jan 2007 (Sarí N. Harrar)

(.JPG Image) Body News: A Breast-Cancer Breath Test
Allure, p. 80, Jan 2007 (Kristin Cobb)


SBIR Success Stories: Menssana Research
State of New Jersey Commission on Science & Technology

Breath test for breast cancer
New Scientist, 10 Apr 2006

(PDF Document) What the nose knows
The Economist, 9 Mar 2006


(PDF Document) Breathe Here, Please
Senses, pp. 28-29, 2005

(Word Document) Volatile Markers of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Breath
NIH CRISP abstract, 2005

(PDF Document) Inhale, exhale, wait for results
The Los Angeles Times, 19 Dec 2005 (Linda Marsa)

(Word Document) CMP Healthcare Media: Biomarker Breath Test Correctly Predicts Lung Cancer
Oncology News International, v. 14, no. 8, August 2005

(.JPG Image) Body News: Healthy Breath
Allure, p. 91, Jul 2005 (Emma Hitt)

(PDF Document) A Big Sigh of Relief: A souped-up breathalyzer fingerprints disease
Popular Science, May 2005 (Linda Marsa)


The Wall Street Journal Announces Winners of Its First Global Technology Innovation Awards
Business Wire, 15 Nov 2004

(PDF Document) Don't Waste Your Breath; Researchers Are Developing Breath Tests for Diagnosing Diseases
American Chemical Society, 2004.

(PDF Document / Danish & English text) Breath test for lung cancer screening
Denmark Health Service, Jul 2004

(PDF Document) Clinica (UK), 27 Jul 2004

SBIR and STTR Success Story for Menssana Research, Inc.
The National Institutes of Health, 22 Jun 2004

(PDF Document / German text) Ausatmen statt R�ntgen
Die Welt, 09 Jun 2004 (Hermann Feldmeier)

(PDF Document / German text) Verr�terische Duftnote - L�sst sich Krebs �ber den Atem diagnostizieren?
Neue Z�rcher Zeitung, 26 May 2004 (Hermann Feldmeier)

Breath Analysis for Medical Diagnosis; Complex mixtures of volatiles in breath form 'fingerprints' that can be used to detect disease
Chemical and Engineering News; vol. 82, no. 13, pp. 29-31, 29 Mar 2004 (Mitch Jacoby)

(PDF Document) New and Emerging Technology Briefing: Breath test for lung cancer screening
National Horizon Scanning Centre, The University of Birmingham, England, Jan 2004


Breath test breakthrough strikes a blow for early detection of illness Observer, 21 Dec 2003 (Robin McKie)

(PDF Document) Breath Takers: A quixotic career-long quest to diagnose disease simply by exhaling
Scientific American, pp. 26-28, Dec 2003 (Gary Stix)

(PDF Document) Breath Tests May Reveal Illnesses: New Research Discovers even Cancer can be Found by Studying a Single Puff
The Wall Street Journal, p. D10, 01 Oct 2003 (Erik Ahlberg)

(PDF Document) The best tests to find a killer
US News & World Report, pp. 48 & 50, 01 Sep 2003 (Katherine Hobson)

Breath test that detects breast cancer
Daily Mail (UK), 3 Jun 2003 (Roger Dobson)