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Menssana Staff

Renee Cataneo

Laboratory Director

Renee Cataneo has been the Breath Research Laboratory director since joining Menssana Research in 1995. She earned her MA in Environmental Scienceat CUNY, the College of Staten Island. She joined Menssana to get through her Master’s program and got absolutely hooked. In her own words, “There is no place like home.”

Peter Kaplan

Program Manager

Peter Kaplan brings extensive experience in development and leadership of research teams, instrumentation for clinical measurement, educational programs, and conferences. Following his PhD in physics at University of Pennsylvania, Peter worked at the NEC Research Institute, Unilever R&D, and TRI/Princeton.

Mayur Mundada

Chemical Engineer

Mayur Mundada graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He works in the R&D of analyzing chromatograms on GC/MS, GCXGC TOFMS (Pegasus IV), GC-FID and GC-ATD, and he is also developing methods on the systems. He worked on our environmental toxicology study, developing detection of different VOCs in hospital air.

Jonah Phillips

Sales and Regulatory

Jonah Phillips has a BA in history and communication studies with a minor in writing from the University of Iowa, as well as an MBA in general management from California State University, Long Beach.

Linda Phillips

Human Resources

Linda Phillips's background includes El Al Airlines, the New York City Department of Social Services, and various NGOs. Linda studied at the Hebrew University in Israel, and received a BA in international studies from The Ohio State University.

Michael Phillips, MD, FACP, FRCP

Founder & CEO

Michael Phillips is a graduate of the University of Western Australia and a fellowship at the University of California San Francisco, a physician, and a clinical professor of medicine. He spent nearly thirty years in academic internal medicine and clinical research (University of Connecticut, Georgetown University, Chicago Medical School, New York Medical College) until a great stroke of luck changed everything: his hospital went bankrupt and he was unemployed. That freed him up to spend all his time on his favorite hobby, which is developing breath tests for early detection of diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, and tuberculosis.

Indrajit Sengupta

Data Management Scientist

Indrajit Sengupta has his Masters Degree in Bioinformatics from New Jersey Institute of Technology. His mission is to develop the metabolomics of breath VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Along the way he provides data and statistical support to the Menssana team. As a student, and now as a scientist, Indrajit has found a place where he can express his creativity and be a key part of the team focused on launching Breath Diagnostics.